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Simulation Environment

SST-Macro is a fully event-driven system for both network and non-network events, with a single time source. Its goals are to provide support for the following:
  • Gathering message statistics, including wait times, unexpected messages, etc.
  • Proposed extensions to the MPI standard, in particular nonblocking collective operations and concepts for fault tolerance
  • Simulating competition between parallel jobs, both where each job has dedicated network and node resources and where various levels of sharing take place.
  • Simulations of performance degradation or resource faults.
  • Support for environments with mixed shared- and distributed-memory access patterns.
  • Scaling information both due to message performance and via processor models such as time scaling, heuristics from instruction count, and detailed processor simulations. Processor models may also opt to provide performance information from tabulation or interpolation.
  • Support profiling and analysis of alternate messaging models, including active messages, one-sided message queues, etc.
Source Code Available: